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O U R   C H E F


Born in Indiana, Mark grew up in Austin, Texas where he started working in the restaurant industry as a teenager at an authentic Italian pizzeria.


Since then he has worked a various hotels, resorts and restaurants throughout the country and at an Officer's Club in Wiesbaden, Germany.


Some of his experiences include; working at seasonal resorts such as a ski resort in Avon, Colorado, the Treetops resort in Gaylord, the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia, various hotels and resorts in Naples and  Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Mark also worked six seasons at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

He worked as a banquet chef,  the  Grand Stand chef as well as caterer for  functions at the Governors summer residence on Mackinac Island.


Some of his claim to fame is cooking for  Vice President Joe Biden, former Vice President Al Gore, , former President Bill Clinton, Gov. Blanchard, Ester Williams and Eddy Van Halen.


All this of course, before we ventured into our own Restaurant, Cafe International 30 years ago.


Mark has also served as the Village of Prescott President for 17 years, and is currently a board member for the Village.


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